Leonardo was born in San Luis Potosi, in the north of Mexico. Son of a French mother and a Mexican father, he grew up in a bicultural house that integrated the culture of the streets, school and social life with the French education he received at home. Plus, there were constant trips to Europe, United States and Canada that deepened his vision and enriched his perspectives.

At the age of 14 he had the big privilege of being sent to Miri Piri Academy, a boarding school in Punjab, north of India, where he studied for the next 4 years. It is there that he had his first approach to the sitar, that later became his main instrument.

Coming from the influence of Mexican Folk, Rock and roll, heavy metal and electronic music, he instantly fell in love with north Indian Hindustani music. It was simple and complex at the same time, where the heart and the emotion were the main focus of the interpretation. A perfect mix between all of the types of music that he has previously explored, and he felt in loved with it!

When he came back from India he stopped music for almost 2 years until he realized that all of the unhappiness and frustration he was feeling at the time where related to the absence of music. He decided to start some new projects, exploring and mixing Japanese folk tunes, Turkish themes and heavy metal music.

Eventually he decided to move to Playa del Carmen, where he met Bogdan Djukic and, together, they started “Bole Musica”. One year later they met Jesús Mejia and became a trio with guitar, violin and sitar. Since then, they have traveled and shared their music in more than 10 countries around the world, playing in different venues, concert halls, Jazz clubs, opera houses, embassy houses, music festivals, chapels, gardens, theaters, etc. As part of “Bole musica” he has explored wide variety of musical traditions, from flamenco and Balkan to jazz and Latin Folk, including also music from Morocco, Guinea-conakry and Mali.

Now, out of the need of expression of his own inner world, he has started “Prakash”. This project is the continuation of a grant given to him by the Mexican government (Fondo Nacional Para la Cultura y las Artes) that allowed him to develop this path in music. His objective is to share with the world his personal take on how he perceives all the different aspects of human nature and the society we have created. Bringing out all of these emotions has become a basic necessity that, he hopes, will resonates with you, the public, and help you activate those feelings in that need to be highlighted.